The Antioch Factor

The Biblical foundations for working in cross-cultural mission. 
A look at the book of Acts for some surprising insights and warnings!

This course is for you if...

You are not yet involved in cross-cultural mission and are not even sure if it is "for you":

  • You have no idea what the expression “cross-cultural mission" means.
  • You want a Biblical basis for cross-cultural mission.
  • You feel that God just wants you involved in a local church and nothing else.
  • You want to understand how God sees church and views the world. What are His priorities?

If you are already in the mission field and…

  • Are needing your vision and call refreshed.
  • Want to help your friends back home to “get the vision” and to stand with you.

 If you are from a sending church and...

  • Want to know why those ‘pesky’ people keep talking about God’s work overseas?
  • Have to help those the church is sending, but are not sure how to do that or even why to do that!

Course Features

Learn the way you want

We provide different formats for the course to best suit your learning needs

Care and Support

Join the support community of other cross cultural missionaries

Take Action

Each module comes with many actionable tips so that you can implement what you learned in the mission field.

Your Instructor

Ross Paterson

Ross Paterson's original call from God in the early 60s was to serve China - her people and her Church. He has been faithful to that call, going first to Taiwan as a missionary in 1969. Today, Ross travels across a number of nations, preaching and teaching (individually or together with Christine).
It is Ross and Christine’s desire to see God’s Word brought back to its rightful place in the Body of Christ and to see the church of Jesus Christ embrace a biblical burden for world mission. During the late-70s, as China began to open up, Ross began to embrace a number of opportunities to serve that great land and its Church. This has involved: training Chinese believers, raising up teams to produce Christian books (more than 20 million to date) and hundreds of thousands of teaching DVDs together with web and radio materials, for serving the Chinese Church.

Ross has been responsible for setting up agencies involved in the sending of short and long-term workers into China who are active in business; humanitarian fields (orphans and the poor etc.); the teaching of English in schools and universities; intercession and work in some of China’s unreached areas. 

Ross has set up three schools of mission – two in China and one in Taiwan – and is thus involved in training a new generation of cross-cultural workers. Ross has also written a number of books on mission and China, some now translated into other languages. Ross serves in Derek Prince Ministries as a member of the International Council (a role he has held for many years) and also as Director of DPM China. 

In 2013, Ross stepped down as International Director of Antioch Missions – Chinese Church Support Ministries which he founded in the 1980s (and which continues to serve China’s Church from its nine national bases worldwide). Ross, however, remains closely involved with the Asian bases (Taiwan,Singapore and Malaysia) and with the work inside China.
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