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Ross and Christine Paterson provide training and support for those involved in cross-cultural missionary work.

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These pages have been written by Christine, and originally formed a chapter in the first version of Ross' book, ‘The Antioch Factor’. 

Ross writes, "I feel its content is unique, which is why we are making it available here. The challenge it brings, out of Christine’s personal experience as a missionary daughter, wife and mother on the field, is one of the most important messages of the book."

About Us

Having spent over 40 years on the mission field, Ross and Christine understand the need for support and teaching for both missionaries and their sending churches. Through their project FieldPartner, they share their decades of experience in cross-cultural mission to encourage and equip the next generation.

Our Courses

Whether you're already on the mission field, but feel under-prepared, or looking to go in the future, FieldPartner courses can help you. They are available to people from any church background or denomination, and are relevant no matter were you feel called to go!
The difficulties of going to a different culture

Crossing Cultures 101

By Christine Paterson
The basic information you need to work in another culture
the Antioch factor is comprised of the first introduction video and 5 lesson videos

The “Antioch Factor"

By Ross Paterson
The Biblical foundations for working in cross-cultural mission. A look at the book of Acts for some surprising insights and warnings!
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Developing Leadership for Cross-Cultural Ministry

By Brad Thurston
A missionary leader looks at using the model of Jesus for developing leaders in a cross-cultural setting.


  • Jackie Pullinger, Cross cultural Missionary to Hong Kong

    Jackie Pullinger

    MBE missionary to Hong Kong since 1966
    Founder of the St Stephen's Society
    Ross & Christine’s training and ministry have always had a biblical base, integrity and practicality. This material meets a need vital for the mission field and use on the ground. It will help to make Jesus known in different cultures.
    George Verwer, Operation Mobiliation - for sharing the gospel

    George Verwer

    Founder and former International Director
    Operation Mobilization
    I have followed Ross since his student days at Cambridge when he also joined OM for a short time. I have seen God using him and his wife in wonderful ways and their commitment to China is outstanding. They have a teaching ministry that has impacted many lives and you will be blessed as you take time to read and listen.
  • Simon Guillebaud, Founder at Great Lakes Outreach for cross cultural missions

    Simon Guillebaud

    Founder And International Director
    Great Lakes Outreach
    The Patersons have been a lifelong inspiration to me in laying down their lives for the call to cross-cultural missions. I cannot think of any better training available on the web than FieldPartner, which is the synthesis of their five decades of learning on the ground as authentic practitioners.
    Rachel, Missions student from Taiwan


    From Taiwan
    Before going on a short mission trip to China, I learned a lot at the Barnabas School of Missions, which was built by the Antioch Missions founder Ross Paterson and his wife Christine. The program provides training to challenge us to want to see God glorified among the nations. Ross and Christine’s 48 years of mission experiences taught me how to do it - and how not to do it!
  • "We have been working cross-culturally in China now for going on 12 years. It's had its ups, it’s had its downs. We brought up four children cross culturally, which also had challenges. But one thing that has definitely prepared us for all those challenges is the training that we received at the beginning of our time working cross-culturally. Ross and Christine Paterson had a massive part in that and it really did help us."

    Aaron and Lois
    12 Years of mission experience
    in China

  • "I am a huge fan of cross culture training before hitting the mission field... I would go as far as to say is absolutely the difference between being successful and lasting out long-term on the mission field and burning out within a short period of time and having to head back home"
    Lydia, attended Ross and Christine's Cross cultural training

    Years of mission experience
    in Asia and Middle East

Ross and Christine with some church leaders in Taiwan
Partner with Ross and Christine and see cross-cultural missionaries equipped and encouraged to share the gospel!

Latest Blog Posts

Week#9 Peru

〖为万国祷告 - 秘鲁 Peru〗 恳请代祷: 秘鲁人能拥有母语圣经,能认识上帝与他的爱 为那些因战争而入狱的领袖祷告,愿他们成为主的门徒,得着许多灵魂       -本系列由 联合差传UMOT 提供        


〖维持精神生活跨文化事工 Maintaining Spiritual Life in Cross〗系列,课程分为五大部分,包含:1.『恩典为本』 2.『灵修与独处、读经操练』 3.『祷告操练、禁食操练 、敬拜操练』 4.『披戴基督、持守贞节』 5.『持守谦卑、持守诚信、持手知足、持守仁爱』。

宣教伟人列传01 - 传向东方

此集的宣教伟人 - 多马、阿罗本,他们分别都到了亚洲传福音。多马亲眼看见耶稣手上的钉痕后,就信了耶稣,被呼召去印度清奈。阿罗本是第七世纪的宣教士,他在中国有美好的服事与见证,以至于景教碑都记载当时的事迹。

Week#8 United Kingdom

〖为万国祷告 - 英国 United Kingdom〗 恳请代祷: 愿属灵复兴将生命气息吹进奄奄一息的教会及无数冷漠刚硬的心 福音的影响力转化改变贫民区 大量涌入的外国人接触到充满活力的基督徒见证       -本系列由 联合差传UMOT 提供        


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