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These podcasts are brief (more or less 20 minutes each) audio teachings from the Bible. They are related to cross-cultural mission either directly, or because they talk about keys to the life and walk of the cross-cultural mission worker. They are birthed out of many years of experience. Listen in small groups, in a devotional time, in the car or while walking. Listen on and be blessed and challenged!

Finding Treasure in all the Bible

Ross looks at 2 Kings 15 and seeks to show how we can learn and be blessed even from hard passages.

Ten keys from 2 Kings about making a difference

Ross shares the difference between ordinary people who have only partial obedience and those who are wholehearted for God.

Romans 12 And an Unexpected Blessing

Ross looks at 6 words that changed the life of the great Chinese missionary, Hudson Taylor.

Four keys from Genesis 12

This is part 2 of Ross’ audio, cut down, version of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, and focuses on lessons from Hannah’s prayer life. 

Ordinary people: 7 keys from Amos Chapter 7

Ross gives some specific examples from China colleagues and then shares 7 key lessons from the life of Amos to help us make a difference

Keys for today from Exodus 1

Ross shares from Exodus 1, originally in 2010, but relevant to us as we face our todays in faith and hope

How Is Your Prayer Life

Summary: Ross shares from Luke 18 on the battle and the potential of prayer.

Where Should We Go Next? (Acts Ch2)

Ross shares how the early church responded to the gift of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2

Are you a grumpy, happy or both?

Ross looks at two different kinds of believers - happies and grumpies - or are you both? Listen and analyse which you are!

Prayer and Fasting - Choice or Mandate?

Ross discusses a difficult question - is fasting (as a part of prayer) an option or a necessity today?

Get Ready to be Shaken

Ross looks at what the Bible says about the end of the world, and how the Bible tells us to get ready for it.

Blessed or Buried to Bless?

Ross looks at John 12:20-25 to discuss a secret to God’s blessing flowing through us to others, with two unusual examples of that truth.

Zechariah gets a second chance

Ross shares from in Luke 1 about Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, and stresses that our God is a God of the second chance - for him and for us today.

Four questions from Jonah 4

Ross talks of Jonah’s battle with the Lord in Jonah 4 and how that relates to us today.

Hebrew 11: Are we walking in faith?

Ross looks at 4 keys to faith taken from the heroes of the faith described in Hebrews 11.

The faithfulness of God and our response from 2 Tim 2:11-13

Ross shares from 2 Tim 2:11-13 on the faithfulness of God and how totally dependable that is for every area of our lives. And the need for us to reflect that “family likeness”.

Seven lessons from Job about values

Ross shares lessons from the book of Job that help us to walk through the hard and puzzling times in our lives.

Acts 9:15-16 Painful surprises from the life of Paul

Ross shares from Acts 9 about one unusual aspect of God’s surprises in our lives - when God surprises us with pain not with observable blessing. These can be experiences of the Lord that cannot be found anywhere else.

John 20 Battles that stop us going for Jesus

Ross describes two battles in John 20 that Thomas and Peter faced, battles that if not surrendered to Jesus may cost us our call and destiny.


Hannah Series

#1: Four bad and one good path

Ross talks about Hannah in 1 Sam 1.

#2: Hannah's prayer

This is part 2 of Ross’ audio, cut down, version of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, and focusses on lessons from Hannah’s prayer life.”

Joseph Series

#1 Lessons from Joseph pt1 Effortless or difficult.

Ross shares lessons from the life of Joseph and asks: is the real Christian life effortless or difficult or a mixture or both?

#2: A Desire Not For My Ministry But to Bless and Release Others

Ross shares about the first lesson from the life of Joseph: a desire not for my ministry but to bless and release others


#3: Learning in God's School of Faithfulness

In this third talk on the life of Joseph, Ross looks at Joseph through the lens of three vital principles in Luke 16:10-12.

#4: The Lies of Joseph's Brothers

Summary In this 4th teaching on the life of Joseph, Ross discusses the lies of Joseph’s brothers that they lived with for 13 years, and lessons we must learn from that.

#5: Joseph and the Goodness of God

Ross shares in this 5th Joseph talk how Joseph laid hold of the promises of God and saw that come to pass - even when his situation seemed to deny that for a while

#6: Joseph and his choices

In this 6th talk on the life of Joseph, Ross discusses the relationship between Joseph's choice to avoid immorality and the blessing and anointing that was on his life.

#7: Blessing or Obedience or Both?

Ross looks at the important balance between God’s sovereign grace and empowerment in our lives and our response of obedience, as seen in the life of Joseph.

Mission Series

Five Fundamental Mistakes re: mission

Ross Paterson lists 5 traps we can fall into which make us miss the invitation to reach the rest of the world with the Gospel. Ross actually recorded this 8 years ago - and is more convinced that ever that what he said is true! Have a listen and see if you have fallen into any of these traps!

What on earth is mission?

Ross looks at 2 famous verses from the New Testament - Matt 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 - and asks a question: “What were the last words of Jesus” He then compares attitudes to ‘mission’ past and present. You could be shocked by that comparison!

JO Fraser's Challenge to us today

Lessons from the life of one of Ross’ missionary heroes.

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